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Frequently Asked Questions

By making use of existing, tried and true open source technology we are able to keep our development and maintenance costs low, delivering these savings directly to our customers.

In addition to the basic shop data you’d expect of an online shop, Shop Sync can also sync:

  • Tags and Categories to allow dynamic grouping of products and related product suggestions
  • Metadata to greatly improve your SEO (e.g. title, description, keywords)
  • All using your existing data

As often as you’d like to.

Your implementation partner will can configure how often the sync takes place and full logs are kept of each sync in case you need to revert a sync.

Yes, provided you have WooCommerce and Shop Sync installed, you can automatically sync RetailManager and design your own online store.

After an implementation partner has configured Shop Sync, you can easily update your online store by following these steps.

  • Export your stock
  • Zip your shop images
  • Upload both via a simple web form